Schuett Farms | A Place for Traditions

Our favorite season is colorful Autumn, so beautiful and many fun memories to create. One of our favorite seasonal things to do is pumpkin picking and we enjoyed this fall tradition recently with Play Local our playdates for everyone with us, Ana & Zelli and our partner The Lake Country Mom. We spent the day at Schuett Farms in Mukwonago; enjoying the crisp air, fields to run in and get a bit muddy in, hot chocolate, caramel apples – just to name a few joys. We started off by joining with our group and what a great joy to meet all of you, it was nice taking the hayride with you all. The hayride tour of the farm was super fun and we even stopped to feed the cows, have to say this was our favorite part. Did you know cows eat pumpkins? How silly, they break them open with their feet. After our hayride we got a chance to pick our pumpkins in the vase fields Schuett Farms has to offer and if you don’t want to get muddy there is rows and rows of pre-picked pumpkins and more to choose from. We also had time to make a craft, we asked our group to find a leaf and we made little leaf peepers (craft idea was found at The Artful Parent), super cute little leaf people. Overall our experience at Schuett Farms was wonderful and they have so much to offer; pumpkin launching, picking, corn maze, activities, hayrides, food, hot drinks and much more. So make sure and pick Schuett Farms for your yearly pumpkin picking tradition and make sure to visit them for your Christmas tree and wrath finds as well. Thank you Schuett Farms for having Play Local join in your farm filled fun. We also wanted to give a big thank you to Ulises Alarcon for joining us and taking all these beautiful pictures of our event (shown below), please give him a like on Facebook  and visit his website Ulises Alarcon Photography for more amazing photos.

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