Rainy Day Fun * Book Love

What to do on a rainy day, go to your local book store! We love books here at Ana & Zelli, believe me we have books in every room in our house of all kinds. We were walking about Wauwatosa yesterday and had fun visiting one of our favorite little book stores – The Little Read Book. The people there were so friendly, helpful and had fun playing and getting happy laughs while chatting away with Zelli. Truly a gem in downtown Wauwatosa!

We picked up the book – “Mom and Me in the Kitchen”, we will have to tell you how we like it! It reminding me of a book I love – “Secrets of The Tsil Cafe”, would highly recommend for the food/cooking fanatics.

So grab an umbrella and visit your local book store today!

Zelli’s Review:
“Wow books. Thank you for playing with me.” (she didn’t want to leave, was having a good time playing with the lady at the store.)

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