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We would love to showcase you (must be approiate for our site and our audience), your community event, activity and/or local small business or locally made product with a sponsored. . .

Ad Placement on right column with link to website or Facebook page (we can do the ad setup/art work). This is on a month to month basis and includes one social mention/post per month.

Personal Interview
Business/Product Review

We provide a unique local small business owner perspective with our true honest opinions, findings, experiences and views. Advertising with us will provide a positive exposure with your communities and true connections with local people/businesses.

These are just a few options and we can always customize – Please contact Ana through form below and lets get started!

Get to know us, networking we have done and press we have been in. Lists are just showcasing some of our partners and friendships we have made.

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Looking forward in hearing from you, please enter your contact details & we will make sure to get back to you shortly!

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