How to Form a Tamale

Ever wonderful how tamales are formed, well here you go. Some simple instructions on the process of rolling tamales. Keep in made tamales are labor intensive they take love and time to make them; from the recado (sauce), meat, masa (dough), putting them together and cooking them. So here you go and have fun!

1.Take a corn husk and lay it flat
2.Form corn dough into a small round circle (size demands on how big you want your tamale) and place in center of corn husk, leave room at each end to tie
3.Put a spoonful of sauce and meat in center of the round shaped dough
4.Fold and roll corn husk under and over, making sure to incase the dough and sauce/meat
5.Make sure it’s tight and evenly placed
6.Twist and tie one end with a corn husk string
7.Twist and tie the other end with a corn husk string, be careful
8.Double check it is tied tight and ingredients are in corn husk
9.Finish cooking and enjoy