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Halloween Craft

Halloween a time to dress up in a costume and let your imagination sore. Here is a fun Halloween Craft you can do with your kiddo(s), a costume paper doll. Zelli and I did one and of course my little girl picked to make Elsa from the movie Frozen. We had such a good time being creative, picking out fabric, glittery things and putting our doll together. What is your Halloween costume this year?  What costume doll are you going make – a mini me? This Halloween craft will be a keeper for sure, as a memorable keepsake to remember what you wore each year. We hope you have fun making a costume doll and have fun with this Halloween craft. Below you will find a free download for a paper doll, the best paper to use is hard stock or even cardboard. We used hot glue for most of the add-ons or self stick items. Have fun and Happy Halloween and have a Happy Halloween Craft time! Make sure to take your mini me doll, a good partner to take on your Trick or Treating adventures and maybe your doll can be your costume kick side as well!

  Halloween CraftHalloween Craft


  1. Doll Cut Out (28.3 KB)