Citrus Cooler Mix & Gift

A perfect gift for any occasion and anyone! Citrus Cooler Mix in a recycled hand painted glass bottle. Here is what you do:

Citrus Mix Recipe (for a 14oz bottle):
-Juice from 1 Lemon – medium size
-Juice from 1 Orange – medium size
-Juice from 4 Limes – medium size
-3 Tablespoons Honey mixed in 3/4 Cup Water to make ‘Honey Water’
-Mix all ingredients together and pour into glass bottle
-You can also cute up little pieces of orange skin to add to mix, to make it look nice

Make A Drink:
NA Citrus Cooler-
Pour 1/2 mix with 1/2 club soda, sparkling water, tonic water or white soda

NA Citrus Slushy-
Pour 1/2 mix with 1/2 white soda and blend with one scoop of ice

1/2 mix with margarita ingredients (adults only) remember to use tequila & triple sec

-Roll lime/lemon with hand, to soften the lime/lemon to get more juice out
-Paint the glass bottle with the left over lime wedges to make it unique
-For top, use a cork from different bottle and shave down to fit into bottle, or find a bottle that has a reusable top