Creamy Pumpkin Soup

A delicious creamy pumpkin soup for a cold day! This creamy pumpkin soup recipe yields about 4 cups of soup Start by roasting a pumpkin, we roasted a medium sized one Here is a good source on how to roast a pumpkin, Click Here Place scooped out roasted pumpkin into small pot Add the following […]

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Costume Doll | Halloween Craft

Halloween Craft Halloween a time to dress up in a costume and let your imagination sore. Here is a fun Halloween Craft you can do with your kiddo(s), a costume paper doll. Zelli and I did one and of course my little girl picked to make Elsa from the movie Frozen. We had such a […]

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Fall Dinner

Here is some inspiration for a yummy fall dinner. We had family over last night and deciding to try spaghetti squash and create a fall dinner to complement this yummy and healthy vegetable – looks like spaghetti and even resembles the taste of pasta. The first thing I asked myself, how do you cook a […]

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Strawberry Cake Smoothie

Enjoy a delicious Strawberry Smoothie for the Fourth of July or any occasion. Here is our tasty Strawberry Cake Smoothie, hope you like it! Recipe: -10 fresh strawberries with out stem, place in blender -1/2 cup greek yogurt -1 tablespoon honey (or a little less) -Blend ingredients together -Put about 5 cookies in blender and […]

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Peach Cashew Pasta Salad

Going to a summer block party, having people over, going to a picnic – well here is a delicious pasta salad to take and enjoy! Peach Cashew Pasta Salad: -take 1 cup to 1 1/2 cups of a smaller shaped pasta, cook and cool (I used whole wheat pasta) -coat pasta in a light drizzle […]

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Citrus Cooler Mix & Gift

A perfect gift for any occasion and anyone! Citrus Cooler Mix in a recycled hand painted glass bottle. Here is what you do: Citrus Mix Recipe (for a 14oz bottle): -Juice from 1 Lemon – medium size -Juice from 1 Orange – medium size -Juice from 4 Limes – medium size -3 Tablespoons Honey mixed […]

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Teacher Gift

Here is a unique and handcrafted gift for teacher appreciation week, your teacher will love it! Straw desk supply holder: 1.Take a cookie cutter of any shape or size and trace the shape onto construction paper, cut out shape and set aside 2.Take a enough straws to fit into the cookie cutter and place them […]

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How to Form a Tamale

Ever wonderful how tamales are formed, well here you go. Some simple instructions on the process of rolling tamales. Keep in made tamales are labor intensive they take love and time to make them; from the recado (sauce), meat, masa (dough), putting them together and cooking them. So here you go and have fun! 1.Take […]

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A Twist on Guacamole & Chips!

This weekend we had cut out some egg shapes into pita bread and had some pieces left over, so we decided to use it as inspiration. Here is what we came up with. . . Baked Pita Chips & Olive Styled Guacamole: Baked Pita Chips: -preheat oven to 400 degrees -brush olive oil on pita […]

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Cute Flower Craft

We did this craft for a little event a few months ago and it was a hit! Here are some simple instructions to make these cute spoon flowers, have fun: 1.Cut 3-4 small hearts out of colorful construction paper 2.Grab a plastic spoon and tape/glue the heart shape petals to the inner part of the […]

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