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Hi there, I am Ana from Alarcon Restaurants and welcome to our friendly blog about sharing the random little adventures my daughter Zelli and I take. Spreading the joy of exploring unique places and our true experiences at fun events/activities in Wisconsin and other places with YOU, our lovely followers. May it be with our family, friends, event/business partners or just us chicas – We love being out and about in the community enjoying classes, fun places, volunteering, meeting people and creating events. Growing up in a family business, I have always appreciated the communities where our restaurants reside and have fun venturing to other great areas and seeing new sights. We love supporting local small businesses where ever it may be and believe in the shift to love our local businesses/communities (also big businesses which provide local community events).

A little about us. . .
Myself originally from Guatemala and my husband (Ben) born and raised in Wisconsin with German & Irish backgrounds, we do our best to instill the importance of heritage and culture to Zelli (a Wisconsinite) and what a great state we live in with so many cultural events to part take in and do so. Also, being active in our communities allows us to learn about some pretty cool things. Myself a business owner and my husband (Ben) being a principle in the community love teaching Zelli in different interactive ways and do so by being a part of our communities and what they have to offer. We look forward in sharing our passion of finding happy spots and fun times with YOU and invite you to please join us in our adventures and lets have a good old time. We aim to BE HAPPY together!




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