A Kindness Elf Advent Calendar

The Holiday season is filled with all kinds of wonderful traditions. One of our favorites is an advent calendar. This year,  I mom, sought out to create a homemade advent calendar. I came across this wonderful idea to use an old soda-crate as an advent calendar and luckily we love antiques and had one. I also had come across, Kindness elves, an alternative to The Elf on the Shelf tradition and loved the idea. Such a delightful way to celebrate the wonderful magic of being kind to others.


By: lifeasathrifter.blogspot.com

I decided to take these two ideas and create a combined holiday tradition, A Kindness Elf Advent Calendar. The first step was to find a one of a kind elf. This past weekend we went to the Holiday Folk Fair International in Milwaukee, WI and found the cutest little hand crafted wooded elf, a perfect fit.


Next was to create the activities we would do each day; a combination of fun, whimsy, little gifts and most important kind acts. Here are the details: On the first day of December you should introduce the kindness elf by placing the little elf in a fun place for your kiddo to find. The elf will have a little note that states: Please name your ELF and each day until Christmas find where I am hiding (it might be silly). I will have your advent calendar number were you will find your next adventure.  Add a favorite quote for inspiration.


On the 2nd thru the 5th of December you will have fun reading and learning about Christmas, St. Nick, kindness and giving. On the 6th day of December, St. Nick will come visit your kiddo and their kindness elf and leave them a thoughtful gift. Now on the 7th thru the 23th of December, you will find many adventures and activities to be enjoyed while doing kind acts. Here is the list of our kindness elf advent calendar tasks for the year. (A great resource for ideas: www.theimaginationtree.com)

#1 – Please name your ELF and each day until Christmas find where I am hiding.
I will have your next advent #! Add your favorite quote for inspiration.
#2 – Go to the library and get a book about kindness.
#3 – Read a book about giving.
#4 – Go to the library and get a book about St.Nick.
#5 – Read a book about Christmas.
#6 – Go to the front door, there is a special delivery for you.
#7 – Help out at some community events.
#8 – Make Christmas cards for your neighbors.
#9 – Make a handmade book mark and give to your local librarian.
#10 – Bring homemade cookies for people at daddy’s work.
#11 – Hold the door open for people all day.
#12 – Bring your red school teacher a gift to somewhere fun.
#13 – Invite a friend to a merry playdate.
#14 – Take your babysitters out somewhere cheery.
#15 – Give your friends at red school a special gift.
#16 – Give your preschool teachers a handmade gift.
#17 – Make a couple ornaments and give to two service people.
#18 – Give your friends at Preschool a special gift.
#19 – Give a plant to your local nursing home.
#20 – Go donate to your local food pantry.
#21 – Visit dogs at a shelter. Make a welcome home package for grandparents.
#22 – Clean up room.
#23 – Help mom prepare for Christmas eve gathering
#24 – Spend the day with your family, make sure to give them all a big hug.
#25 – For being so kind to others a special gift awaits you in your room.


On the 24th and 25th of December it is time to be with loved ones and for all your kiddos hard work, they will get a special gift on Christmas Day! I hope you enjoy this combination of many holiday traditions and start your own Kindness Elf Advent Calendar! If you do, please share your ideas, we would love to hear/see them! Happy Holidays and here is to being merry!