2 Beautiful Parks in Brookfield WI

Spend a day with the family at either of these beautiful parks in Brookfield Wisconsin. Have a beach day at Fox Brook Park, with a beautiful playground and nice concession area.  Head out to Wirth Park and spend a day at the water park, playground, trails, play tennis and so much more. Both of these parks are really worth going out to and enjoying a day outdoors with the family. Make sure to pack a picnic or cookout at either park. Before leaving the house to have some fun, make hand made frisbees. Take a paper plate cut  the center out and decorate with different shapes, colors and go play. Have a good time!

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Fox Brook Park – 2925 North Barker Road, Brookfield WI Foxbrookpark

Franklin Wirth Park – 2585 North Pilgrim Road, Brookfield WI 10547489_10201594614062147_828039816898420891_n 10593052_10201594612862117_4550983016010184390_n